Financial coach and business mentor helping coaches build successful businesses. HBR contributor. Business tutor at Cambridge Uni.

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Hey there! I’m Alisa Barcan, a Financial Coach and Business Mentor with a mission to help people re-write their financial stories.

In 2017 I founded my coaching business, The Savvy Corner, as a safe…


B is for your business model

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What comes to mind when you think of a coaching business model? Many people believe it means how you deliver your coaching — 1 to 1 sessions, in a group setting, online, or in person. That is only partially correct.

In his book “Business Model Generation” Alexander Osterwalder defines the business model as “the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers, and captures value”.

The way we coach and the avenues we choose to do so cover the delivery aspect of our business model. The rest of the puzzle is completed by creating and capturing value. …


A is for action

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Action is the foundational key to all success — Pablo Picasso

A coaching qualification doesn’t guarantee a successful coaching business. Being a very good coach doesn’t do it either, unfortunately. This might sound obvious to you, but for a lot of new coaches, there is a disconnect there.

As a financial coach and business mentor, I frequently see my clients go through the same cycle. They finish their qualification thinking (hoping) that now they’re a qualified coach, clients will come knocking at their door waving their credit cards. When that doesn’t happen, they take another coaching qualification or course, in…

26 tips from a business mentor

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Building a successful coaching business is not something that happens overnight — it can take months, even years to reach the goals in our business. No matter your circumstances, you can reach your objectives faster if you follow the steps of those who got there before you.

In the words of Jim Rohn, “success leaves clues”. Certain elements of building a coaching business apply regardless of the type of coaching you do and the clients you work with. This article will highlight and group these elements into a collection of stories listed in alphabetical order.

The list will be updated…

My suggestion — act DUMB

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You probably know what SMART stands for*, but DUMB? Seriously? What does that mean, and what are these two words doing in the same sentence?

Setting SMART goals can be a lengthy process, with each milestone also defined as a SMART intermediate objective. After hours or even days spent ensuring all is smartened-up, the naturally occurring question is what now?

My suggestion: act DUMB.

No, I’m not saying you should fold your arms and whistle a cheerful tune while you inspect the ceiling. Goals not followed by action will take you nowhere, regardless of how SMART they are.

Hence, after…

And a content calendar to keep you organised

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That’s it! No more excuses. I need to focus more on creating great content for my audience. I’m going to post every day for a month, starting right now.

You turn on the computer, put your headphones on and play the focus music playlist. You’ve given yourself one hour to create something. Anything.

20 minutes pass and you’re still not sure what to write about. Every idea that comes to mind seems overstretched. How many more angles can one have on limiting beliefs? You start to wonder whether it would be better to make a plan first.

I know what…

And why you shouldn’t fall for them

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I need help with pricing my coaching services.

This sentence (or a variation of it) summarises 70% of my conversations with clients who want to build a successful coaching business.

As an accountant, I am pleased to see people give the topic of pricing the importance it deserves. Having a pricing strategy that fits with the other elements in your coaching business model is imperative for success.

As a business mentor, I am in my zone of genius helping people put together solid coaching offers and price them accordingly.

The financial coach in me however, cannot help but notice that…

Advice from a business coach

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It’s perfectly acceptable to want to make (more) money in your coaching business.

There, I’ve said it. I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit that money is an important aspect of my coaching business. Yes, I want to make an impact and help people, but I also want to eat, pay the bills, and live a little.

If you take your money goals seriously, you’ll be wise to avoid the following common traps that can prevent you from moving the financial needle in your coaching business.

Trying to be a coach for anyone and everyone

I see this a lot with new coaches who are nervous to narrow their…

#2 Treating business money as if it’s your own

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Take it from an accountant: A financial mistake can cost you your business.

Finances are a crucial part of any commercial endeavour. Yet, from my experience working with both new and seasoned business owners, it is often a neglected aspect.

In the beginning, you chase sales. As you should. Your business needs to make money to support you and itself financially. But there is more to a successful business than revenue, and not paying attention to other financial aspects can prove very costly.

Here are the most common money mistakes business owners and freelancers make.

1. Not having a separate business bank account

This is very common with…

Holding back on giving free value keeps you small

Child’s hands holding jelly beans. Quite a few jelly beans spread across a light colored wooden surface.
Child’s hands holding jelly beans. Quite a few jelly beans spread across a light colored wooden surface.

Free value is the path to paid work.

As a business owner or content creator, you release social media posts, articles, videos, and other helpful content — all free of charge. It’s your way of offering value to your audience while establishing your credibility as an expert in your field.

You know that before someone decides to engage in paid work with you, they need to know, like, and trust you. The knowing and the linking might happen simply through having a social media presence, but building trust comes as a consequence of offering value.

Do it for long enough…

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