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Financial coach and business mentor helping coaches build successful businesses. HBR contributor. Business tutor at Cambridge Uni.

Who am I and how can I help?

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Hey there! I’m Alisa Barcan, a Financial Coach and Business Mentor with a mission to help people re-write their financial stories.

In 2017 I founded my coaching business, The Savvy Corner, as a safe…


Good intentions don’t justify spamming

Thoughtful ethnic man in casual wear on blue background in studio
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Welcome to Coaching for a Living’s advice column, Dear Coach, a collection of letters aimed at helping coaches in their businesses.

How’s this for a first LinkedIn message?

“Hi Alisa — I wondered if I could ask a favour. Would you be willing to kindly share our free <event name> with your network? It’s virtual and we’d love to see as many folks there as possible. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Do you have time to join us as well? It would be great to have you with us. Many thanks, <name>.”

Dear Coach,

I appreciate the politeness of your message and I believe your intentions…


Man with a beard counting money while sitting at his desk
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels
Welcome to Coaching for a Living’s advice column, Dear Coach, a collection of letters aimed at helping coaches in their businesses.

“I’m very good at coaching, but my income doesn’t reflect that.”

“Coaching is something I love doing and, after so many years, it comes naturally to me. I’m very good at it too; that’s what my clients say anyway. But my earnings don’t reflect the time and work I’ve put in to become the coach that I am today and the results I help my clients achieve.”

Dear Coach,

I salute you for your commitment to perfect your coaching skills. In an unregulated industry where anyone can call themselves a…


K is for knowledge

Woman in front of the computer holding a blue book
Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

Your presence, that of your client, and a place to meet online or offline. Theoretically, that is all you need as a coach to do your job. Apart from a phone or computer, sometimes a pen and notebook, there are no other physical assets involved in the work of a coach. Our minds are our most valuable assets.

Welcome to the knowledge-based economy, where the production of goods and services relies on intellectual capabilities more than on physical inputs or natural resources. Where sources of knowledge like human expertise are important economic resources.

“The knowledge economy addresses how education and…


Don’t let these 7 mistakes ruin your written content

Old scissors
Photo by 947051 from Pixabay retrieved by the author via PromoRepublic
Welcome to Coaching for a Living’s advice column, Dear Coach, a collection of letters aimed at helping coaches in their businesses.

“I just wanted to write this letter because I believe it will literally change the way you will look at your writing. To be honest, putting content together is not rocket science. But doing so without essentially boring your readers to death is extremely hard.”

Dear Coach,

Are you confused/annoyed by the above paragraph?

Don’t worry, that wasn’t me ‘talking’. It was an exaggerated example of what I see on social media and what lands on my desk for…


Hands exchanging a ten dollar bill
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
Welcome to Coaching for a Living’s advice column, Dear Coach, a collection of letters aimed at helping coaches in their businesses.

“I feel guilty if I don’t give my friends a discount.”

“A lot of the clients I work with are friends of mine, and I often have a difficult time setting boundaries between business and personal. I feel guilty if I don’t give my friends a discount or do certain work for free.”

Dear Coach,

What you are describing is something that comes up all the time in my conversations with coaches and the underlying issue is always the same — their mindset.

Ask yourself this: If you were selling…


Letters from a financial coach and business mentor, to help you in your coaching business

Typewriter graffiti that reads dear coach
Photo by brenkee from Pixabay, modified by the author in PromoRepublic

Coaching for a Living is a Medium publication aimed at helping coaches start and run financially viable coaching businesses. It is dedicated to coaches who are ready to turn their coaching passion into a business and make a living doing what they love.

As a coaching business owner myself, I know that’s easier said than done. And in addition to information and resources, sometimes coaches need advice, encouragement, or a gentle push from someone who has been in their shoes and understands what they’re going through.

Delivering this kind of support in article format is challenging, which is why I…


J is for the jack of all trades

Pensive ethnic man listening to answer in paper cup phone
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Why crickets? Because they will be the only souls you’ll hear after you announce that you’re open for business…and they won’t be making noise about your coaching services.

I understand the resistance to narrow our focus. As qualified coaches, we are trained to (and can) coach anyone. Why would we want to only do a particular type of coaching when we could help many more people if we don’t specialise?

Theoretically, we could. In practice, however, things don’t work like that. Before we can help people with our coaching, we need to convince them to work with us. …

Some disguised as ‘common sense’

Man standing between train tracks holding yellow smoke bomb
Photo by Ilya Shakir from Pexels

How much money you make in your coaching business depends on a plethora of factors: the quality of your coaching offer, market conditions, competition, your prices, etc.

As an accountant and business consultant, I spend a lot of time looking at coaching business models, analysing their revenue implications, and advising coaches on which elements to tweak to meet their financial goals.

There comes a point, however, when no matter how great your strategy is, your bank account doesn’t reflect your monetary aspirations. …


I is for improvement

Woman using umbrella with lights
Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Do you ever think of the breakthrough moment in your business? You know what I mean — that tipping point when everything will change: you’ll work fewer hours, make more money and have an inbox full of enquiries and offers to collaborate.

Of course you do, who doesn’t? When I started my coaching business in 2017, I imagined this moment as a well-deserved victory following some earth-shattering effort or move on my part. I was mistaken.

The breakthrough moment turned out to be the result of a series of what seemed like insignificant tweaks and small improvements. …

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